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My Story

Sacred Seeds Health Coaching was born out of my deep concern and vision for supporting teens and young adults that are struggling with navigating life.  Prior to the pandemic, the sweet Snoqualmie Valley community that my family resides in experienced tremendous grief surrounding the loss of several teens to suicide. Prior to those painful losses, I felt keenly aware of how much pressure and stress so many teens I have had the privilege to be connected with over the years appeared to carry.  My own three teens have described seasons of their young lives sometimes feeling so stressful, that it felt like “being inside a pressure cooker that is ready to explode”.  Like many others in my community, my heart hurt and I felt helpless. After 20 years of managing my family, I decided it was time to jump into a new arena and began my journey as a student of Positive Psychology and Integrative Health Coaching.

As a grateful full time and former homeschooling Mom of three older teens embarking on adulthood, I've had the privilege of living a full family life - a life often lived at full throttle volunteering with PTSA's, Girl Scouts and other community based organizations geared toward supporting youth wellness.  Having lost sight of my own health at times, I have been graced with empathetic and expert support from others that carried me through some of my most vulnerable seasons.  I hope to pay it forward and make some positive impact on others who may be feeling stuck or hopeless at the thought of improving their wellbeing and experiencing life fully.  As a conqueror of all things peri-menopause and other life altering health challenges, I am also inspired to partner with middle aged women that are experiencing stress, overwhelm or burnout -- especially secondary to peri-menopause and who long for balance in their busy lives. I’ve crawled along those paths too.

I have spent the greater part of the pandemic gleaning all the knowledge I can about the neuroscience of sustainable behavior change while coaching my peers under the guidance of expert Duke University coaching mentors. I humbly attribute my own wellbeing throughout the pandemic in large part to being on the receiving end of health coaching.  


Mental health has far too long taken a back seat and remains inaccessible for so many.  Even to this day - during a time of a skyrocketing depression and anxiety inducing pandemic, mental illness remains stigmatized.  Moving forward, mental health and wellness promotion must absolutely become part of the new normal we co-create for the betterment of humanity. I am inspired to be part of that movement.


Sacred Seeds Health Coaching follows the Duke Wheel of Health whole-person model of care as well as HIPAA privacy standards.  I hold a Liberal Arts Nursing education from Seattle University that instilled a deep appreciation for providing whole-person care through honoring the sacred inter-connections of physical, mental and spiritual health that make each of us beautifully human.  I value continuing education and am preparing for National Board Health Coaching Certification while simultaneously working toward a certification in Positive Psychology. I have enjoyed volunteering as a Youth Mentor and am certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid. As an Integrative Health Coach, and former RN, it is my intention and ethical obligation to honor each client as sacred and an expert of their own life.  I recognize that lasting change is hard, vulnerable work, yet is absolutely possible and rewarding in profound, personal ways.

I welcome the opportunity to enter into a holistic partnership with you!

Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, but actually you've been planted   

-Christine Caine

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What to Expect

What not to expect

  • A Diagnosis

  • Therapy

  • Judgement

  • To be told what you need to do

  • To be told what goals you should make

  • Exploring your personal values 

  • Envisioning your optimal health

  • Setting long and short term goals

  • Learning about your character strengths

  • Identifying potential barriers to reaching your goals

  • Receiving resources when applicable

  • Incorporating positive psychology tools to support personal success

  • Celebrating your successes!

  • Empathetic honoring of your story and unique process